Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making A Simple Photo Cake

photocake image

When we attend any party especially birthday party, sometimes we noticed that they is an image or photo on top of the cake. For example image of them children or cartoon character. This is one of the trends nowadays. It shows that it is different with other cake which is usually using an icing only to decorate the cake.

Most people now like to put photo or something on top of the cake. This is called a “PHOTO CAKE”. To make this photo cake is very simple; all you have to do is just provide your favorite photograph to the baker. The baker then will adorn the cake by copy the photograph.

Then the baker will printed out the image of the photograph on a special “icing paper” made of cornstarch, potatoes or even rice after scan the provided photograph. They also use a special ink for print out the image or picture onto the icing paper, which is made from food coloring.

It won’t affect the taste and overall look of the cake, even though the icing sheet is add an extra thin layer because it can dissolve once they are placed on top of cake which only leaving the photograph behind. It’s so simple; we also can make our own photo cake at home, provided we have the entire ingredients and all the equipments. Hope you also can learn how to make a simple photo cake at home.

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