Sunday, October 18, 2009


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A Few Tips For Making Cupcake Cakes


To begin your own cupcake cake, you have to prepare a foil-lined cake board or a sheet of cardboard which is wrapped with aluminum foil. Since the cake are easy to move, you have to make sure the cake have a wobbly base especially with a cupcake cake. It is most important to have a good stability and easy to transfer the goods as little as can be.


Before you start, you have to do layout first by using paper circles so that you know where exactly to put your cupcake; also to avoid them all go down and make sure they all can fit on your base.

Usually leave the cupcakes in their paper liners is a good idea. Beside that it's easier to stick them to the cake board, stable and even. Place the cupcakes close to each other, once you have decided with the shape of your cupcake and put a little of icing around the bottoms of the cupcakes.

Obviously some cupcake cakes are made from cupcakes but other at first glance similar look like regular cake. Let say, if you want a regular cake, treat the cupcakes and visualize it as a single unit. Once you frost the cupcakes, used your knife or spatula to sweep over the cupcakes in one motion. By using a thicker frosting it can clear the gaps between the cupcakes. You also can use a decorating bag to draw smooth motions along the perimeter or across cake.

It is fun to make you own cupcakes cakes during family occasion or celebrate party. You'll have an original image as well as the size of your cakes. Hope you'll enjoy the tips for making your own cakes out of cupcakes.

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